Last Seen: THE SHACK

Traefor Jay Daniels was born on January 3rd, 1962. One of the rare "Black Sheep" of the Daniels Family, he left the colony and attempted to assimilate into society. After several failed attempts at understanding how "normal" people function, he re-established contact with his wood-dwelling relatives and enlisted their help in finding what he called "subjects" - children from the local school who he would run psychological tests on in a last attempt to understand the human mind.

After giving up his research, he turned his sights to the skies. Many years were spent alone in his basement, studying theories about intergalactic life, and collecting paraphanalia which he believed could be used to contact alien life forms.

Neighbors usually do not see him more than twice a year, in which cases he can be seen on the roof with a flashlight, signaling into the sky in a morse-like code. They warn the kids not to go near his shack at the end of the road - and there's probably very good reason for it.

One of Traefor's first "children", Riley was mutated and brainwashed for many years. Her pastimes now include sewing victims into new toys, and playing with her "Lolly" - a blood-stained saw blade on a stick.

Warden Krowe

Alice Martinez was born on June 10th, 1997. After being placed on Death Row due to several unspeakable crimes, ​she was given the opportunity to push back her lethal Injection date if she would agree to participate in “experimental procedures” sponsored by Dr. Bane in his “Klownkatraz” Facility.

She was sedated and injected with an experimental dosage of Bane’s C26 chemical, which intended to bring mental stability to those that suffer from schizophrenia and coulrophobia. However, an electrical surge from her body shorted out the laboratory and its equipment, and she ran out of the room, straight through the welded steel doors, and has not been located since.

Buford Daniels




Last Seen: THE SHACK




The Destructor was created by Dr. Bane to serve as a the ultimate prison guard for the Klownkatraz facility. Half man, Half machine, he is literally death on two legs, and will completely obliterate any escaped prisoners in his path.

Do NOT aggravate. 

Ellie Mae Daniels was born sometime in the late 1930s. The matriarch of the family, she oversees the family, making sure they are left, for the most part, unmolested by the authorities of the outside world.

Reluctantly, she allowed prodigal son Traefor back into the colony after he promised he would bring fresh meat – the research subjects Traefor lured in for his psychological experiments. Under Ellie Mae’s direction, the Daniels Clan grew more feared, and the locals learned at an early age not to wonder the woods, especially at night. When someone does wonder off into the woods, they are never seen again…


Buford Daniels was born on May 4th, 1954.  Originally a gravekeeper for the town, he was forcibly relieved of his duties when word of the Daniels' activities spread. However, he can be seen sometimes roaming the cemetery......

Take caution if you are approached - he knows how to hide bodies.

Porky Daniels

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Dr. Bane

It wasn't apparent to anyone watching the films at the time, but beneath the glitz and glam of the golden age of Hollywood, laid a rusty and decaying underbelly. The Hays Censorship Office embarked on its morality mission in 1934 and claimed several careers of vixen actresses.

Beatrix Feeny was one of those unlucky starlets taken out by the standards set by the overzealous hypocrites in that office.

Her fall came at a cost, once no one wanted her as an actress, she realized quickly that she had no other skills. As such, she fell into a state of disparity that nothing could tame.

That's when she met Dr. Bane. He cleaned her up, gave her a job, and she swore she would do anything for him, including the atrocious crimes against the inmates at Klownkatraz. She took the anger of her wasted dreams out on the inmates and twisted into something evil, unholy, and ugly. To this day, she stays by his side, ready and willing to inflict pain, torture, and death upon anyone who dares to cross her. But beware: What once was an actress, still remains. She will lure you in with a charisma and charm that blinds you to her disfigured face, and once you've fallen into that false sense of security, she will strike. And for you, it will be curtains. And no more.





Ellie Mae  Daniels

Nurse Beatrix Feeney

Jack "Porky" Daniels was born on May 25th, 1979.  Although many members of the Daniels Family were skilled in food preparation, Jack always made the best Stu and Mike Stroganoff the Daniels had ever tasted. 

As he began mixing bacon with the victims to improve the taste, he was given the name "Porky" and it eventually stuck. To further round out his dedication, he has begun wearing the head of one of his pigs.

Traefor Daniels